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• HOW TO DO IT: Get ready to glow! Slather on the TAN ACTIVATOR generously in all your body...

• TIMEOUT: Chill for 5 MINUTES during your sun fun!

• HOW TO DO IT: Mark your territory! Apply Tanning Mark Cream around your bikini lines.

• TIMEOUT: Let it work its magic for 10 MINUTES. Repeat 2-3 times after STEP 3 for perfect tan lines...  

• HOW TO DO IT: Time to shine! Slick on the Oil generously...

• TIMEOUT: Enjoy 20 TO 60 MINUTES in the spotlight, to get the tanning glory.

At WOWTAN, we're all about that radiant color and keeping your skin happy. We're here to help you achieve your ideal sun-kissed glow safely. Check out our simple sun exposure tips for your unique skin type…

FOR FAIR SKIN (20/30 Minutes Front - 20/30 Minutes Back):

You're in the lightest range of skin tones, and your skin is delicate. ☀️💫

• Key tip: You're more likely to burn easily, so be gentle with your sun exposure.

Our advice: Avoid crispy burns..  Apply sunscreen 20 minutes before your sun date and reapply as you soak in the sunshine…

FOR LIGHT SKIN (30/40 Minutes Front-30/40 Minutes Back):

Your skin type is fair and slightly less sensitive. 🌞😊

Key tip: You have a bit more sun tolerance, but protection is still crucial.

Our advice: Start with sunscreen 20 minutes before sunbathing, and don't forget to reapply as needed.

FOR MEDIUM SKIN (40-/50 Minutes Front- 30/50 Minutes Back):

Your tanning process is naturally quicker, and your skin may already have a touch of sun-kissed warmth. 🌴🌞

Interesting Fact: You're blessed with a more accelerated tan process!

Our advice: Apply sunscreen 20 minutes prior to your sun adventure to keep your skin safe and beautiful.


FOR DARK SKIN (50/60 Minutes Front- 50/60 Minutes Back):

You boast a rich, dark color, and sunburn is rarely a concern. 🌅🌟

Fun Fact: Your skin's natural melanin provides great protection.

Our advice: Even though you have built-in defense, don't skip sunscreen! Apply 20 minutes before enjoying the sun to keep your skin looking radiant.

Remember, these are general guidelines, and it's essential to adapt them based on your location and UV intensity. At WOWTAN we're all about achieving a stunning tan while prioritizing skin health. So, grab your sunscreen, embrace your unique beauty, and let's enjoy the sunshine safely! ☀️🌴🌞

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